Turning sustainability and recycling goals into reality

We deliver management and administrative services, and innovative solutions that empower businesses, and producer responsibility organizations achieve sustainability goals, meet recycling obligations and contribute to the circular economy.

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Extended Producer Responsibility

Producer responsibility is recognized as one of the most effective mechanisms to improve recycling rates and contribute to the circular economy.

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Our Services

We offer various services to support producer-led recycling programs, including program design and implementation and program operation.

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Program Partners

We provide management and administrative support services and solutions to leading recycling programs across Canada.

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Announcing the formation of the Resource Recovery Alliance

We are excited to transition to Resource Recovery Alliance (RRA). RRA is a comprehensive resource recovery and compliance solution for producers in North America, with capabilities in both Producer Responsibility Organization management and operations and compliance solution services. > Learn More



Reporting Resources

A range of resources is available to assist and guide producers in collecting and accurately reporting packaging and paper data. Access material guidance, reporting webinars, policies, reporting portal information, tutorials, the guidebook for stewards and other resources.


RRA Services: Who We Are

We provide efficient management and administrative services to businesses, and producer responsibility organizations, to meet their recycling obligations. This ensures environmentally sustainable ways for consumers to dispose of their paper, packaging and products.


Fairness in Fee Setting

Producer fees are an important component of any producer responsibility program. We have developed and evolved fees and cost methodologies to ensure the fees producers pay are fair and equitable, and accurately reflect the cost of recycling the materials they supply to residents.