Please note that effective September 15, 2022, Circular Materials acquired the operations of the Resource Recovery Alliance.

As we transition, updates will be provided.  In the meantime, the reporting resources posted on this website are still available and are in the process of being redirected to the Circular Materials website.  If you have any questions, please contact us at

On behalf of Canada’s stewards, CSSA brings consumers simpler, more convenient, more accessible and smarter ways to recycle. We highpalight the role our stewards play in delivering top class recycling and waste diversion programs – emphasizing the passion, commitment and persistent hard work it takes to create a more sustainable environment for generations to come.

We are the first national organization to provide Canadians with recycling solutions across several provinces. We offer organizations a harmonized way to manage multiple recycling programs, whether fully- or part-funded. 

Why does Canada need CSSA?

CSSA will be introducing new systems that eliminate the duplication of infrastructure, caused by having multiple provincial organizations managing multiple programs. We are moving to one organization  managing multiple programs with a common infrastructure, removing the replication of efforts, investments, governance, administration, IT, finance, communications and market development – the price of which is defrayed by organizations that are part of multiple recycling stewardship programs across Canada – and which cost business dearly in resources, time and money.

Now is the time for a national stewardship organization to streamline the process, represent stewards’ interests nationally and drive greater efficiency and savings in the waste diversion and recycling marketplace.

How does CSSA Benefit Stewards?

Provincial stewardship programs in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario are part of the CSSA family of recycling programs, and benefit from features that provide Canada’s stewards with:

  • A single place to register, report and pay stewardship obligations  – one interface to discharge all provincial legal and financial obligations
  • A simpler way to do business  with common definitions across all programs, including obligated parties and materials, invoicing, calculators, verification and audit processes
  • Annual cost savings of around $3.6 million a year by sharing front and back office activities among all stewardship programs, and an additional cost avoidance of $1.5 – $3 million per new program coming online.
  • National standards and benchmarks to control steward fees and costs, and create standard points of reference for finances and performance
  • A coordinated national voice for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) to promote harmonized, accountable and efficient recycling systems that meet consumer needs

The CSSA Company Model (click to enlarge)


Created by Stewards for Stewards

Created by steward organizations, CSSA will work with stewards to help these businesses fulfill their environmental commitments. We will manage forward-thinking, practical waste diversion and recycling programs that are designed to unite industry, consumers, service providers and regulators in a shared focus—environmental sustainability. To achieve our common goal, we will provide the most streamlined process and intuitive systems to meet legal, social and corporate obligations to manage the materials that flow into the residential marketplace.