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The Household Packaging and Paper Stewardship Program Regulation of The Environmental Management and Protection Act, 2002, transfers the responsibility for financing up to 75% of recycling programs for residential waste packaging and paper from municipalities to businesses. The regulation was effective February 15, 2013.

In response to the regulation, Multi-Material Stewardship Western (MMSW) was established to represent the interests of industry stewards in fulfilling their obligations to fund recycling programs in the province for residential packaging and paper. MMSW’s Waste Packaging and Paper (WPP) Stewardship Plan was approved by the Ministry of Environment on December 20, 2013.

MMSW’s program officially launched on January 1, 2016. MMSW has formed partnerships with over 465 municipalities, Regional Waste Authorities and First Nations, covering 86% of Saskatchewan households. For more information visit: