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CSSA EU Summit

In November, CSSA hosted a one day summit ‘What can Canadian Provinces Learn from the EU About the Role of Producers and Compliance Schemes in Competitive Marketplaces for Extended Producer Responsibility?’ The summit provided an opportunity for key people in the producer, recycling, EPR, and regulatory communities to discuss what can be learned from the EU experience in operating EPR programs.

Presenters from UK, Austria, Germany and Belgium shared their experience and knowledge with attendees on:

  • How EPR schemes in the EU operate, and what a competitive marketplace for EPR looks like in Europe
  • How and whether competition drives public policy outcomes
  • What the future might hold for EPR schemes in Canada
  • How best to create legislative frameworks that level the playing field for competitive schemes
  • Insights into some of the longest and most successful EPR programs operating globally

To view the presentations from this summit, click here.

For more information, read the article in the Stewardship Gazette here.