CSSA News and Updates – June 2021

Reporting deadline reminder
Packaging and paper stewards are reminded that 2021 reports of 2020 data were due to be submitted to the WeRecycle Portal by May 31, 2021. Thank you to all who have submitted their reports. A wide range of tools and information to assist reporting, including the Ready to Report Webinars, are available on the 2021 Reporting Resources webpage. National Steward Services is available to assist with any questions and will be contacting some stewards to validate report data.

Steward survey completed
Thanks to all stewards who took the time to complete our recent biennial survey. Your participation is greatly appreciated and will help CSSA to continue improving its services and interactions with stewards. Survey results will be shared later in the year.

Annual Steward Meeting – save the date
The 2021 Annual Steward Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 27, at 1 pm ET. The meeting will be a webinar event again this year. Invitations and details will be distributed in late summer.

MCD implementation for 2022 fees
Stewards are reminded that, with the exception of Stewardship Ontario, 2022 material fees to be released in October will complete the phased implementation of the Material Cost Index (MCI), calculated using the Material Cost Differentiation (MCD) methodology. 2021 fees were calculated using 50% MCI, resulting in fee rates for some material categories increasing significantly above the average fee rate increase, while others had lower than average increases, or decreases. MCI supports a more fair and accurate allocation of fees than the previous Activity Based Costing (ABC) approach. For background and details, please refer to the 2020 Report to Stewards.

DMC consultation update
The Disaggregation and Material Category (DMC) Project, launched to realign steward reporting categories and retire material fee aggregation, is adjusting its consultation approach in recognition that pressures on the steward community precluded the formation of a Steward Consultation Committee (SCC). Options for advancing the project discussed at a May roundtable with six steward representatives who had been willing to serve on the SCC will be presented to program boards over the next month. Next steps for the DMC Project will be developed and communicated following board feedback.

Provincial EPR updates
Momentum for packaging and paper Extended Producer Responsibility continues with the release of a draft regulation in New Brunswick and recent consultations in Alberta. New Brunswick is seeking feedback on the Designated Materials Regulation until July 1. Alberta recently completed consultations on its Discussion Paper for an EPR legislative framework.

GHG reporting certification
Recycle BC’s 2020 greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting has been certified by Climate Smart, which helps businesses measure their GHG inventory and create an emissions reduction plan. Tracking of all emissions related to supply chain operations began in 2019 and the 2020 results will be available July 1 in the Recycle BC annual report.

Educating BC residents
Recent campaigns to promote resident education and awareness of recycling are providing insights on where materials go after collection and addressing common myths. The Ask Me Anything social effort introduces a range of insights and tips while Get The Facts, launching next week, takes on misconceptions about residential packaging and paper recycling.

Communities join program
Residents of Cranbrook recently began receiving curbside recycling collection through Recycle BC, joining the City of Delta which was welcomed to the program last fall.

Collector annual information report
Saskatchewan collectors are currently submitting their fourth annual information reports to MMSW, supporting improved effectiveness and efficiency of waste paper and packaging recycling. The information report captures collector data that includes updates on the number of households in their service area, the structure of their residential recycling program and the range of waste paper and packaging included in their program.


Transition plan consultations
MMSM continues to work on the transition plan to full EPR as directed by the Minister of Conservation and Climate. Consultation sessions will begin this month. For regular updates on the transition plan, please subscribe to our mailing list.

Municipal cost survey update
Review and analysis of 2020 municipal Cost Monitoring Survey data is underway. The verified data will be used to set municipal funding rates that are a primary factor for calculating the material fee rates paid by stewards.

Engaging residents to improve recycling
Recent promotion and education efforts to improve residential recycling include the second year of MMSM’s Recyclepedia and an expanded partnership with the City of Brandon. The Recyclepedia campaign promotes the web tool and mobile app, encouraging residents to “Check It Before You Chuck it”. In Brandon, the 4R Waste Ambassador Program will draw on volunteers seeking opportunities to engage community members on recycling and waste diversion.



Final Blue Box Regulation issued
The Ontario government has issued the final Blue Box Regulation under the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act. Stewardship Ontario is reviewing the Regulation to determine what changes may be required to the Blue Box Transition Plan approved by the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (RPRA). Further information about the Blue Box Regulation and the program transition is available on the RPRA website.

New Executive Director appointed
The Stewardship Ontario Board of Directors recently announced the appointment of Lyle Clarke as the organization’s new Executive Director. Lyle succeeds Gemma Zecchini, who resigns after overseeing the successful wind-up plans for the Blue Box and the MHSW programs. Lyle has extensive experience with recycling in Ontario and his new role will be combined with his previous Program Operations Officer responsibilities.

MHSW Program extension
Following the April 29 direction letter from the Ontario government extending the MHSW Program by three months to September 30, 2021, Stewardship Ontario held a consultation webinar to present the proposed amendments to the wind up plan. The addendum to the MHSW Wind Up Plan was submitted on May 28 and is available on the RPRA website, with approval anticipated by June 30.

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