CSSA News and Updates – October 2021

October 27 Annual Steward Meeting – register now

The 2021 Annual Steward Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 27 at 1 p.m. ET. The meeting will be held via Zoom. The Report to Stewards that includes 2022 fee rates will be distributed in advance. Click here to register.

MCD implementation for 2022 fees

Stewards are reminded that 2022 material fees will complete the phased implementation of the Material Cost Index (MCI), calculated using the Material Cost Differentiation (MCD) methodology. 2021 fees were calculated using 50% MCI, resulting in fee rates for some material categories increasing significantly above the average fee rate increase, while others had lower than average increases, or decreases.  For 2022 fees, the MCI is fully implemented and fee increases and decreases are in line with the trends presented during the consultation on the MCD methodology in 2020.

Consultation on reporting category changes

The Disaggregation and Material Category (DMC) Project, launched to realign steward reporting categories and retire material fee aggregation, will be presented at this year’s Annual Steward Meeting (ASM).  2022 fees include the first phase of the retirement of aggregation, or averaging, for fee setting now that the MCI is fully implemented.  The ASM initiates the consultation phase on the proposed changes to reporting categories used by stewards when submitting their annual reports.  These changes will more closely align the categories used in the MCD cost impact studies to the steward reporting categories. We look forward to receiving feedback from the steward community on the proposed approach to changing the reporting categories.


Recycle BC welcomes new board members

The Recycle BC board of directors announced the appointment of three new members in August and appointed a fourth new member in September. The new directors include individuals from the retail, restaurant and grocery sectors, broadening representation amongst the steward community. Details about the directors and program governance are available here.

Program Plan amendment

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy recently approved an amendment to the Recycle BC Program Plan related to cost study work. The amendment resulted from a 2019 director’s letter requirement to conduct a financial incentives review and consultation in 2020.  Amendment implementation will increase collectors’ compensation for depots on January 1, 2022, and for curbside and multi-family on July 1, 2022.


New board members appointed

MMSW appointed three new members to its board of directors in August. Expansion of the board brings new perspectives and strategic leadership from individuals in various sectors as extended producer responsibility in Saskatchewan evolves. Further information on the appointments is available here.

MMSW preparing for 2022 cost study

The regulatory requirement to pay collectors based on Saskatchewan data will have MMSW implement for its 2022 budget the second step increase related to the 2019 cost study undertaken with the MMSW Advisory Committee. MMSW is obligated to compile municipal cost data every two to three years so that tonnes, costs and revenues used as the basis for the payment are updated. The next cost study will occur in 2022.


Update on transition to full EPR

As Manitoba prepares for full producer responsibility for residential packaging and printed paper, MMSM shared the draft Transition Plan with over 1,800 stakeholders in advance of information webinars held September 2 and September 8. The draft plan, webinar materials, and background on the transition are available on stewardshipmanitoba.org. While the feedback period for the plan has closed, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the MMSM team with any questions.

Fall P&E campaign

MMSM launched its fall promotion and education campaign in September that encourages residents to “Check it Before you Chuck it” by using the Recyclepedia. The campaign runs until November and includes billboard, transit, digital, television, and radio ads across the province.



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