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Material Cost Differentiation Project – Resource Recycling Systems, Inc. (RRS) is on board!

CSSA is pleased to announce that RRS has been awarded the first contract to provide expert consulting support to the Material Cost Differentiation (MCD) project. The launch of the MCD project was announced to the steward community in October of 2016 as a necessary next step to the fee setting methodology review project. The primary objective of the MCD Project is to develop a methodology that can differentiate the cost to manage each material in the recycling system in a way that satisfies the eight guiding principles of the project and that works equally well for all four packaging and paper recycling programs supported by CSSA. Stewards wanting a refresher on the eight guiding principles and how the cost impacts are determined today can find both by following this link:

In September 2017, CSSA initiated a competitive procurement process to secure the services of a consulting firm who would provide thought-leadership to the MCD project and provide experts with significant experience in recycling system and packaging design, recycling system economics and project management.  Proposals were submitted by firms based in Canada, the US and the EU. A six-member team of people with intimate knowledge of the project’s scope and objectives was formed to evaluate the bids  based on a pre-defined set of criteria and rating system and ultimately RRS was selected as the successful proponent.

RRS is a US firm who brings an excellent combination of on-the-ground experience designing and working in recycling systems and facilities, and in-depth technical expertise on a wide range of packaging formats, life cycle analysis, sustainability as well as Canadian experience. Their team specializes in gathering data and completing trials that enable stakeholders to objectively address recycling challenges. As such, they have the necessary background to assist the Packaging and Printed Paper (PPP) program operators design a better way to assess the impacts that material characteristics have on the recycling system costs.  Follow this link to learn more about RRS’s corporate history

Throughout the project, RRS will be engaging with our PPP program operators, supply chain partners, and equipment manufacturers.

The MCD project activities are scheduled to be completed in 2019 in time to set 2020 fees. With RRS on board and project work underway, we are confident that the schedule commitments can be met so stewards can be well prepared for the upcoming changes.