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MCD Methodology Consultation Materials

On June 25, 2020, CSSA held an information webinar to introduce stakeholders to the Material Cost Differentiation (MCD) Methodology and its results. The consultation materials are available here.

Please provide feedback on the MCD Methodology by July 23, 2020 to

The MCD Methodology is a new and innovative way to measure the cost impacts of materials on the recycling system. It will provide a significant input to setting fair and accurate fee rates for packaging and paper recycling programs. A critical input to the Four-Step Fee Methodology, it will allocate the gross cost of the recycling system (the largest component of a program’s annual budget) to all designated materials and will affect all stewards.

It is principle-based and measures cost impacts in a fair and consistent way. The methodology will generate a Material Cost Index (MCI) that assigns a value to each material that expresses its cost impact on recycling system activities relative to all other materials. The lower the MCI value, the lower the impact on recycling system costs.