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Material Cost Differentiation (MCD) Project Update (September 2018)

The MCD Project is well into its second phase – the Pilot test phase. In preparation, Resource Recycling Systems (RRS) has been designing the procedures for measuring the impacts of material characteristics such as density, size, form and ease of compaction on the MCD conceptual system. The pilot tests are designed to validate the effectiveness of these new measurement procedures. Where necessary, RRS will refine the procedures prior to initiating Phase 3 of the project. It is in Phase 3 where a full series of studies are conducted to ensure the results are comprehensive enough to be used as inputs to the fee setting process.

In developing the measurement procedures, the RRS and CSSA teams worked closely to identify and resolve a number of issues, including whether the MCD conceptual system design should be designed to include small format packaging and black plastic packaging given the variation in, and evolving nature, of their handling and disposition. The review of these issues led RRS to make refinements to the design of the MCD conceptual system that was initially presented to the Steward Consultation Committee at March 2018 workshops and subsequently summarized for all stewards in the May 2018 project update.  These changes are to be evaluated during Phase 2 and will then be reviewed by the members of the Steward Consultation Committee when they reconvene to ensure the recommendations are supported by stewards.