Calculator Now Available to Compare the New Methodology with the Current Methodology

A calculator has been created to assist packaging and printed paper stewards in comparing the current fee methodology with the new methodology using your 2016 program’s fee schedule.

This tool will provide you with an order of magnitude variance in your total fees. Please note that the fees presented as calculated using the new proposed methodology do not reflect your 2017 fee rates given that 2017 fees cannot yet be calculated pending receipt of many of the necessary data inputs. For example, supplied tonnes as reported by stewards will not be available until the completion of the upcoming annual reporting period. If the new methodology is approved for use for the 2017 fees, many data inputs used to calculate the fees will be different from the inputs used to calculate the 2016 fees.

Instructions on how to use the calculator are located within the tool document. Please find your program’s calculator below:

Note: If you require any assistance or experience compatibility issues with the calculator, please email us here and we will send you a tool format that works with your current software.

We hope this tool, as well as the principles that guide it, will assist you in your consideration of the new methodology. We invite you to submit your feedback on the new methodology to by May 20, 2016.

Other Materials: