Please note that effective September 15, 2022, Circular Materials acquired the operations of the Resource Recovery Alliance.

As we transition, updates will be provided.  In the meantime, the reporting resources posted on this website are still available and are in the process of being redirected to the Circular Materials website.  If you have any questions, please contact us at

News and Updates – December 2018

‘Tis the Season for Holiday Hours

Season’s Greetings from all of us! Thank you for your continued partnership and support during 2018! We all wish you a safe and prosperous New Year.
Please be advised that offices will close at 1 p.m. regional time on
Dec. 24 and Dec. 31, and will be closed for the statutory holidays. Regular office hours will be maintained for the rest of the holiday period.

WeRecycle Portal Scheduled Maintenance 
The WeRecycle Portal will be undergoing regular maintenance and will not be available for steward self-serve options between December 17, 2018, and January 2, 2019. We apologize for any inconvenience.

2018 Annual Steward Meeting Recap
Thank you to all stewards and stakeholders who attended the October 24 event to learn about 2019 budgets, fees and program updates. The webcast approach was well received and will be adopted for future meetings. ASM materials, including the presentation and Q&A, can be found here.

Ready to Report Webinars and Resources
The annual steward reporting webinar will continue in 2019 with two dates. A webinar for new stewards and individuals new to the reporting role is scheduled for Tuesday, February 26, with a similar event for other stewards being held on Wednesday, February 27. Invitations will be sent in late January along with the launch of 2019 Reporting Resources on the CSSA website.

2019 Updates to Policies, Rules and Membership Agreements
A number of mostly minor changes have been made to some of the policies that were introduced at the beginning of 2018. Minor updates have also been made to the Rules for Stewardship Ontario and MMSM and to the Membership Agreements for Recycle BC and MMSW. Updated documents are available on the CSSA website and final versions will be posted following board approvals.

2019 Invoices and Online Payments
PPP stewards will receive their 2019 invoices based on 2018 reports in the first week of January. Annual and quarterly invoice options can be selected on the WeRecycle Portal. Invoice amounts up to $5,000 can now be paid online by credit card. Any questions about invoices can be directed to or 1-855-354-2772 ext. 117.

New Plastics Economy Global Commitment
CSSA has joined with more than 250 organizations worldwide in an initiative to eradicate plastic waste and pollution. The New Plastics Economy Global Commitment establishes a network of businesses, governments and other organizations that aims to create a circular economy for plastics, in which plastics never become waste.

The Role of Full Producer Responsibility in the Circular Economy
CSSA Executive Chair John Coyne spoke at a recent webinar that considered the global challenges and opportunities to managing packaging and paper product (PPP). A recording of the event hosted by the Product Stewardship Institute with nearly 400 participants from around the world is available here.

Material Cost Differentiation (MCD) Update
The MCD Project is completing its second phase, in which a series of tests are being conducted to assess the effectiveness of the newly developed protocols that measure the impact of a material’s characteristic, or group of characteristics, on the cost of the recycling system. More information on current MCD work and project background is available here.

Revised Program Plan Update
Recycle BC’s revised program plan was approved by its Board of Directors in September and sent to the BC Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy (MoECCS) for approval. The plan and consultation report submitted to the MoECCS can be found here. The government has requested a number of administrative and other changes to the plan and Recycle BC will respond to the request in writing.

All BC Depots Accepting OFPP
As of January 1, 2019, all Recycle BC depots will be obligated to collect Other Flexible Plastic Packaging (OFPP) materials as part of a research and development project. The project will determine how best to recycle materials in this category, which is one of the largest categories of packaging not previously collected under the residential recycling program. Learn more here.
Holiday Materials Campaign

The holiday season is here, meaning there’s additional packaging and paper for residents to sort. Recycle BC launched its annual campaign to inform residents what holiday materials can and can’t go in their recycling containers. Learn more here.

Consultation on Provincial Waste Plan

MMSW is a member of Recycle Saskatchewan, which recently submitted a response to the Ministry of Environment’s Solid Waste Management Strategy consultation. Recycle Saskatchewan’s mission is to collectively support and enhance province-wide recycling and recovery programs. The submission included feedback on the Strategy and noted how Recycle Saskatchewan members’ expertise can help guide the development of regulations and opportunities for more effective waste diversion.

Resident Resource Template for Collectors

As per Section 4.5 of its WPP Stewardship Plan, MMSW is developing promotion and education resources and templates that Collectors can customize and use to inform residents. These resources will be available for Collectors to use in January 2019.

Program Plan Renewal
The Minister of Sustainable Development has approved MMSM’s Packaging and Printed Paper Program Plan. MMSM is committed to working collaboratively with stakeholders to ensure continued success of the blue box program in Manitoba. Over the course of the Approval term, MMSM will be consulting with stewards and municipalities to gather information in order to meet the conditions placed in the Approval letter. To view the Approval letter, please click here.

We’ve moved!

MMSM has moved into a new office space in downtown Winnipeg. The new mailing address is:
7th floor, 259 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3B 2A8

Brandon’s Waste Reduction School Challenge

For the seventh year in a row, MMSM was the title sponsor of Brandon’s Waste Reduction School Challenge in October. Nearly 300 students from 10 classrooms collected and sorted their waste, mentored other classes on waste reduction, cleaned up their school grounds and pledged to continue their waste reduction programs for the rest of the school year.

MMSM at Municipal Events

Staff attended several events during the last few months, including the 2018 Manitoba Association of Regional Recyclers (MARR) Forum on November 7-8, as well as the Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM) Convention and Tradeshow on November 27-28.

Wind-up for Single-Use Batteries and MHSW Consultations
The Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks has amended the timelines for Municipal Hazardous or Special Waste (MHSW) wind-up related to single-use batteries. The waste diversion program for single-use batteries will cease operation on June 30, 2020, and the Minister’s letter is available here. Programs for other MHSW materials will continue to cease operation on December 31, 2020, per the April 2018 direction from the provincial government. Consultations with affected stakeholders are being planned for the first quarter of 2019. The consultations will inform the wind-up plan and stewards will be kept up to date as details are confirmed.

P&E Campaigns Make Impressions
Stewardship Ontario’s promotion and education initiatives have generated over 35 million impressions so far in 2018. Prior to the annual holiday campaign, the initiatives
  • The Blue Box program re-ran its 2017 ‘break the cycle’ campaign with a larger focus on multi-
    residential buildings.
  • Orange Drop re-ran its 2017 propane canister awareness campaign and continued its propane canister partnership with Ontario Parks.
  • Orange Drop and Automotive Materials Stewardship ran a general awareness campaign and four social media contests, focusing on raising awareness of the five hazardous waste materials in the programs.
Templates of each campaign are available for municipalities to download and customize for their own promotion and education initiatives.