Please note that effective September 15, 2022, Circular Materials acquired the operations of the Resource Recovery Alliance.

As we transition, updates will be provided.  In the meantime, the reporting resources posted on this website are still available and are in the process of being redirected to the Circular Materials website.  If you have any questions, please contact us at

A list of voluntary and resident stewards for each program will be posted on CSSA’s and all programs’ websites – making it easier for retailers and other first importers to understand which suppliers’ products to include or exclude from their reports. Below you will find links to five lists; one for each of the provincial programs, and a national list that includes residency status on all stewards across all programs.

We’ve also included a change log so you can easily identify any changes to last year’s list and reason for the change.  We know you may have revised your own lists throughout the year.  In this case you can compare your own list to the steward lists to identify the changes most relevant to you.

Please note, the information contained in the steward lists is based on data provided to CSSA by stewards. CSSA relies on stewards communicating any changes to us that affect their account.